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DATE: 12.10.2016     TAGS: bio · final project


· Metaphor library (DNA as Pizza)
· Interchangable lab: Tool to break down larger process into parts
· Workshop with simple elements

Software environment:
· Code fortuneteller: Predicting next steps
· Color code: Colors represents elements; connect only elements with same color
· Visual IDE: Icons, universal language, instant feedback
· Plain english as code
· 3D interface
· Integrated machine learning for simulation

Labs & physical systems:
· Build your BSL-1 lab from IKEA products
· Bacteria grow box: Grow multiple organisms simultaniously
· Travel lab
· Reactive LEGO toys with instant feedback as a coding tool
· Bio ~ Arduino: IDE like Arduino ESLOV with hardware part

Structure of the brainstorming session

Brainstorming tools

The used brainstorming prompts can be downloaded here:
brainstorm deck

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