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DATE: 15.09.2016     TAGS: bio · final project

The interviewee was Sonja (27), originally from Berlin, but living in Malmø. She is an interaction designer and co-founder of Block Zero.

Top 3 inspiring stories

  1. “I think it started two years ago and I got very excited because I looked into ephemeral interfaces – interfaces that perish, like smoke or plants. That could disappear when you touch it just after one interaction, it just wears of because it’s made out of natural stuff.”
  2. “I have a RFID chip [implanted]. Right now there is just a push link on it. When someone scans it it opens up my profile on our studio page. So it’s basically a limited business card.”
  3. “I hardly have an overview on what I don’t know. I only have very limited access. I don’t know enough to know the questions that I would need to ask. It seems from the stuff that’s on the internet that there is a lot of knowledge”

Attitude towards Biohacking

  1. “[…] degrading technology in the human body opens up a whole new realm of interaction possibilities creating new touchpoint and interfaces that are not limited to our fingertips.”
  2. “There is this idea that at some point we are going to be able to modify our bodies by our thoughts – just grow wings because we want it to or change our skin – be body shifters basically. I would be really interested if this is ever going to happen.”
  3. curiosity wins over health concerns

Most memorable quote

“The knowledge that exists gets communicated, but I think it’s very difficult for people to actually get into it. In order to experiment with that kind of stuff you need a lab.. you need the material.. there is not a lot that you could do at home.”

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