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DATE: 15.09.2016     TAGS: bio · final project

The interviewee was Sveta, originally from Russia, but living and working in Malmø. She is an interaction designer at ustwo.

Top 3 inspiring stories

  1. “Scientific texts are so dry and written for people that know how to read them. And if you don’t know you have to google every abbreviation. […] Just like a knowledge barrier – it’s too advanced sometimes.”
  2. “One thing about the community is that it is quite open. Once I tried to grow this bioluminescent algae and then someone just gave me the email of the guy who is also doing it. And then I just emailed and asked and I got this really nice email saying what to do and where to look for information. […] people are there to help. It’s not a big community – that helps, because it’s such a niche thing – people try to help each other.”
  3. “Maybe make it more alive – try to have some hands-on. More hands-on experiments, plus give this bigger picture. Talk about interesting processes and try to inspire students in all possible ways.”

Attitude towards Biohacking

  1. “If places like that would be more active and more funded by the government, so that people could actually work there. Then they could give workshops and share knowledge. […] It’s the responsibility of the municipality to support those movements.”
  2. “There is a whole issue of ethics. At least for people that do something with it. They should treat it with responsibility. I think it should not become anything like a toy for entertainment – on the other hand there are this glowing plants that are quite fun. Unless they don’t do harm right!?”

Most memorable quote

“I wished for some – if there would be a little kind of introduction course – just to get comfortable. What is biology – that’s something of course you could do yourself, but organised it would be more like class, which is also unfair to ask from an initiative like that. At least at biologigaragen everyone is just investing their own time.”

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